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An introduction to important tips on garage door repair. The things that might be useful to all.

  • Make Sure the Garage Door is Completely Closed

    After using your garage door, make sure that it is completely closed. Some homeowners tend to forget to check this and end up leaving a half-open door as they go inside their home. This opens the possibility of strangers or animals going inside, posing threats to your property. Do a quick check every time you close your garage door.

  • Never forget to prepare before repairs

    Don't let garage door repairs be the reason of injuries. Before you check or fix parts, remember to disconnect the electric garage door opener. Wear safety glasses and gloves, don't stand on stools, use C-clamps to hold the door open and remember that when the door is in the open position, the springs' tension is released.

  • How to choose garage doors

    When it's time for garage door replacement, think of certain factors associated with daily convenience and safety say the experts of our garage door repair company in Buford. Take into consideration the weather conditions, the size of your garage and cars, your lifestyle and pocket.

  • Never open garage doors with broken springs

    Keep in mind that it is not possible to open your garage door safely with a broken spring. It may just even worsen the situation and cause accidents later on. Therefore, it is vital not to try repairing it by yourself. If the spring of your garage door is broken, it is recommended to request the assistance of a reliable garage door repair specialist. Our experts would be glad to help.

  • Taking care of a jammed garage door

    If you are having difficulties opening or closing your garage door, one thing to check is the garage door track. See if there is any debris stuck since these could prevent the door from working properly. Sometimes, simply cleaning the dirt on the tracks can resolve the problem. You may also check if the track is bent and straighten it, if it is bent.

  • Finding a Product with that fits your home:

    The most reliable company for your garage door needs.

    Finding a garage door that works with the existing design of your home can be quite a mission. According to Garage Door Repair Buford, you can choose from aluminum, glass and wooden garage doors among other things. You have to be certain that the design you choose does not interfere with the look of your home, otherwise you will end up quite disappointed. The truth is that due to their big size, garage doors play a significant role to the overall aesthetics of your home and having a nice looking door will increase the value of your house and this is extremely important if you would want to sell it later.

    Though, garage door replacement should not involve only aesthetic criteria. Don't forget that garage panels are not replaced often and, thus, you must make a good choice based on various technical characteristics of the garage and personal requirements. You must take into account the weather of your location and it would be best to choose insulated doors with high r-value. They will be more expensive but you'll have great reductions in your energy bills, you will be enjoying great indoor environments and also saving the planet.

  • The Timing of Replacing Frayed Cables:

    Functional garage door maintenance and installation

    The urgency of cable replacement will depend on the degree of fraying. However, it is realistic to assume that the cable will continue to deteriorate and would need a replacement eventually. If the cabling looks badly frayed, it could have the potential danger of breaking at any moment. It is advisable to replace any damaged or worn components as quickly as possible to prevent major problems developing.

    Garage door cables are wound with a certain force, which is similar to that of springs. That's why they must be maintained and repaired if they come off the drums. Otherwise, they might cause injuries. Cables are usually hooked at the bottom part of the door from one side and are placed in the drum on the other side. As the door opens, the cables usually wraps around the drum and due to the heavy weight of the door, they will eventually get weak or loose and, thus, they won't be of any use. Actually, they might leave the door slightly open and their inspection is rather vital every time the system is maintained. It would be better to install new ones before they snap.

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